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Our Picks For The Most Inspiring, Motivating, and Sometimes Humorous FB Pages You Should Be Following

This year has had its share of unprecedented, unexpected, and most of all, unwanted challenges. However, it was hope, faith, a great inspiring quote or two from our favorite Facebook pages, and the support of our families and friends that made 2020 a bit bearable.

To help spread the positive vibes that this world so desperately needs, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with the readers of Life Traveled In Stilettos our picks for the top most inspiring, motivating, and sometimes humorous FB Pages of 2020. It is often said that when women (and our male counterparts) support each other, amazing things happen; that’s why I am taking the time to give my favorite inspiring and creative FB pages and administrators a big shout out.

If you love our Facebook page LifeTraveledInStilettos, then I’m sure you will absolutely fall in love with the following pages (listed in no particular order):

Grace, Love and Beauty
Peace, Love and Coffee
Path to Positivity
Shades of Pink
All Things Girly
Free Spirited
Audrey Loves Paris
Love, Sparkle & Dream
All In A Woman’s Day
Island Bohemia by Gisela
A Simple View with Lynette Evans
Beautiful Disaster Quotes
Harlequin Flowers
Love, Sparkle in Paris
Wish Love Dream Darling
Two Drunk Ladies
Rantings of a Beautiful Mind
Becoming Minimalist
Precious Happiness
Cami’s Castle of Quotes, Poems and Poetry
A Day In The Life of Gina
Flippin’ Fabulous
Word Porn

Here’s to continuing to support each other, to inspiring the next generation, and to passing on the love by following these positive and funny pages. If you are not already following or haven’t yet hit the “Like” button on our LifeTraveledInStilettos FB page, simply click here.

If your favorite page was not listed, please drop us a comment below so that we can check them out and add them to our next list.

As always, please leave us a comment below, “Like”, “Share”, “Tweet”, “Link”, or “Pin” this so that your friends and family can share the love too.

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