The Top 10 Life Traveled In Stilettos Quotes Of The Year

Creating and sharing encouraging words of inspiration and motivation are just a few of the many ways Life Traveled In Stilettos is trying to help empower people to become better versions of themselves. Sometimes heartfelt, sometimes humorous, the quotes created by Life Traveled In Stilettos have been “Liked”, “Shared”, and “Commented on” and read by several million viewers from around the world this year. We are simply blown away by this!

As we move into a new year (and a new decade), we wanted to share with you the Top 10 Life Traveled In Stilettos Quotes of 2019, as ranked by our followers (and Facebook stats). We hope that your favorite quote made the list.

1| Being a beautiful woman is not about physical appearance. True beauty comes from character, integrity, intelligence, strength, and compassion.

2| I have enough shoes — said no girl ever.

3| Let’s teach our daughters it’s not about being beautiful. Teach them to be bold. Be silly. Be strong. Be confident. Be independent and intelligent. Be brave and be fierce. Be real. In a world full of fake, let’s redefine beauty.

4| Getting older has many advantages. I’m still as imperfect as ever, but I have learned that my imperfections make me who I am and more real as a woman. Getting older means not having to explain your quirkiness to anyone. (Paulette Klein, Life Traveled In Stilettos)

5| Every girl needs options

6| You are enough. In fact, you’re probably over qualified. So don’t let anyone else make you feel that you’re not.

7| Blessed are the women not afraid to be themselves.

8| You are given only one life on this earth. Embrace it. Live it. Experiment, take risks, break a few rules, step out of your comfort zone and learn to love. Life is not meant to be lived with regret or fear. (Paulette Klein, Life Traveled In Stilettos)

9| A wise girl once said, “Let that shit go”, and she lived happily ever after.

10| You can’t knock a woman off a pedestal she built herself

So these were the top 10 of 2019. Did any of your favorites make the list? If so, drop us a comment below and as always, be sure to “Like”, “Share”, “Pin”, “Tweet”, and “Link” this list and share with your friends and family.

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Here’s looking forward to 2020 and may the year ahead be filled with adventure, inspiration, and happiness.

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