I’m Not Ready For My Son’s Last First Day of High School

9 thoughts on “I’m Not Ready For My Son’s Last First Day of High School”

  1. Interesting post. Liked going ahead with it. Your sons last first day of high school might be over, but life is a school where each and everyday we learn or understand something new.

  2. I feel your pain. I will be there soon enough. My son is a junior and my daughter is a sophomore this year. I can’t believe time has flied so fast. I am grateful for the opportunity to be their mom and hope that they sour in this world through college and into a great job, loving family, and healthy life. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I never thought of the impact of my growing up on my parents when I was a kid. Though going off to college was a bit anti-climactic because I’d gone to boarding school for a year at 15. So I had already left home before.

    I think parents really do need support when their kids leave home. Their whole lives change too and it is the beginning of create a new chapter of a adulthood. But there will probably be other exciting firsts for you and your kids even past the high school mark. Now is an end and a new beginning.

  4. Our lives are all filled with first and last moments. Reading your post, I remember the first day of being a senior, then graduation. Then it was the first day of being in the military, then college. Milestone upon millstone piles up in our lives.
    We must learn how to appreciate these steps, but sometimes it seems, we do not appreciate them until they have long since passed.
    Thus is life.

  5. It is difficult to let go. They will always be our “babies ” but we need to allow them room to develop.

    Stepping up to high school is a big deal in the USA.

  6. So you’re probably in for a full year of last times. But a year from now in September they might not seem quite so momentous as your son will be taking on new challenges, ones that most likely will go beyond his high school experience.

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