South Florida: 14 Holiday Events You Must Do

5 thoughts on “South Florida: 14 Holiday Events You Must Do

  1. Thx for introducing us to all these terrific events, Paulette. We’ve spent several Christmases in FLA over the years. But alas, this year will be up in the land of snow and ice. But thanks for introducing me to Hoffman Chocolates. I will look them up!

  2. Welcome to this forum!

    These places are amazing, especially 2 and 4. My children really would be in their element!

    Living in the UK, the weather is very grey and slightly cold – nothing like this! I have never spent winter in a warm country. I must try it some day – I imagine it would feel rather strange sitting on a beach in November/ December but I can cope with this!

  3. The attractions look very amazing. Being from Upstate N.Y., I just cannot picture Christmas in Florida. I have spent some Christmas’s down south, and I do miss the snow during that time of year. However, I must say if I was there, going to these places would make it feel more Christmassy.

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