I Am Who I Am – How Living Life According To The Golden Rule Has Made Me More Compassionate

Our view of the world and how we perceive it, and more aptly how we see and treat each others, stems from our own personal experiences — good, bad, or somewhere in between — of how we have been treated by others. The ability to show compassion, kindness, and empathy to others is dependent upon our own capacity to understand that we must see each other and treat each other in a manner that we would like to be treated. To evolve and grow in a humanistic way we must first learn not to treat others in a reactionary way but in a proactive way.

The Golden Rule, something that we have heard time and time again, sometimes gets misinterpreted as “treat others the way they treat you” and is not the way we want to live because the reality is most people may not treat you with good intentions or with respect. Treating them back in that manner creates a vicious cycle of mistreatment. The Golden Rule is actually meant to be understood as “treat others as you would want them to treat you”. If you treat someone in the manner that they treat you, your reaction will only perpetuate bad behavior, resentment, and continue the pattern of hurt and pain. If you treat others as you want to be treated, a proactive mindset will have you treating others with respect regardless of how they have treated you.

To truly spread empathy, understanding, peace, justice, mercy, and all other positive qualities we want in this world, we must be willing to take ownership of our pain, our hurt, and our own shortcomings and recognize that everyone around us deserves to be treated in a manner that will uplift them. To create positive change, not only in the world around us but in our own lives, we need to keep the Golden Rule forefront in our thoughts; and when we are tempted to take revenge, lash out or simply forget that all of us are humans, stop and remind yourself to “Treat others in the manner in which you would want to be treated”.

I don’t know about you, but I want people to forgive me, to treat me with respect, to nurture me, to guide me, to be kind when I’m having a bad day. I don’t want someone to treat me like I’m less of a person. I want to be encouraged, I want to know that I am able to make mistakes and still be able to be treated with compassion and empathy. It is because I want to be treated as a human, and I know first hand the pain when someone treats me bad, that I don’t want others to feel the same way. The secret to learning what true compassion is all about was learning to put myself in their shoes and to remember the following:

I am who I am and do what I do because ……………

I am kind because I have experienced what it feels like to be treated with malice and ridicule.
I am generous because I know what it is to live without.
I am compassionate because I know what it is to suffer.
I give people the benefit of the doubt because I have been accused of things I have not done.
I forgive others because I have made mistakes and want to be forgiven.
I show others grace because I have experienced the blessing of mercy when I may not have deserved it.
I cheer people on and want them to succeed because I know how it feels to be doubted or overlooked when I accomplish a goal.
I am patient because I understand not everyone has the same abilities or learns in the same way.
I want people to be patient with me when I attempt to do things that I’m unfamiliar with.
I encourage others because I have had days when I needed encouragement.
I will mentor others and uplift them because I have failed and learned from my mistakes.
I show love to others because I once felt unloved myself.
I am wiser because I have learned we all hurt, we all make mistakes, we all deserve an opportunity to better ourselves, and we are all human.

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