Travel Paris: 12 Romantic Things To Do and See In Paris

Close your eyes and imagine a place so magical that Cupid himself would never want to leave.  A place where love blooms and the perfume of romance gently swirls through the air with its intoxicating fragrance.  A place where romance can be found around every corner with every step you take.  A place simply called the “City of Love”.  Now, open your eyes and see Paris.  A city where romance has captivated the hearts of writers, artists and lovers for centuries.

If you’re planning a trip in search of romance, Paris should be on the top of your list.  The city has so many romantic spots to visit, that you may find there’s not enough time to experience them all.  Our quick guide highlighting some of Paris’ most romantic places, is designed to inspire you with some ideas to capture the spirit of love – and perhaps, Cupid’s arrow.  Arrondissments (Arr.), or Paris districts, have been listed next to each place mentioned to make it easier to find the perfect place to seek out the Parisian romance you are dreaming of.

12 Romantic Things To Do and See In Paris

12: Explore Saint-Germain-des-Pres (Arr. 6)
This quaint and charming neighborhood will steal your heart away with its cobblestone alley ways, winding streets, sidewalk cafes and fashionable boutiques. Located on the left bank, Saint-Germain-des-Pres was once home to literary greats, such as Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Strolling hand-in-hand with your sweetheart and discovering this historical part of Paris, you might feel like you’ve stepped right out of a romance novel.

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11: Dine in a Romantic Cafe
One of the most romantic things to do in Paris is to enjoy a meal and a bottle of wine at a beautiful outdoor Parisian café.  One such romantic (and historical) Parisian cafe is the Le Deux Magots (Arr. 6) a landmark café in Saint-Germain-des-Pres. Although it is a favorite with many tourists, this café is steeped in history and literary mystique which adds to its romantic aura.  The café first opened its doors in 1885 and in the 1920’s became the hub of social status with artists and intellectuals.  Sitting on the original red moleskin benches, you can’t help being caught up in the romance of a by gone era.  Even the waiters are still dressed in elegant black and white.

Les Deux Magots

10: Explore Ile de la Cite (Arr. 4)
Souls in search of romance often find themselves drawn to the birth place of Paris itself. This island in the middle of the River Seine, is home to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Saint Chapelle and Palais de Justice.  Located just behind the Cathedral of Notre-Dame is a quiet little romantic park called the Square Jean XXIII.  Shady trees, gravel pathways, park benches, and a beautiful garden make this the perfect place to steal a little time and a kiss from your sweetheart.

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9: Take in the Views a top The Arc de Triomphe (Arr. 8)
Touristy places may not seem like the ideal place for romance, but the “Arc” becomes a magical romantic place once you reach the top. With 360 degree views of Paris, and one of the best places to see the Champs Elysee, standing atop the Arc de Triomphe will make your heart melt as the city stretches for miles all around you.  Visiting at sunset is the perfect time to start an evening of romance.

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8: Walk the Pont des Arts (Arr. 1 & 6)
Spanning the River Seine, the Pont des Arts bridge is a pedestrian only bridge that connects the Louvre area to the Saint-Germain-des-Pres area. During warmer weather, you will often find musical street performers to enhance the romance of your stroll across the River Seine.  Once known as the original “Lock Bridge”, the city of Paris has had to cut off the locks due to the tremendous weight that has caused damage to the bridge.  Even without the locks, the bridge sets the perfect scene for romance as you watch the boats sail by and take in the views of this incredible city.

Pont de Art

7: Visit the Louvre at Night (Arr. 1)
After the hordes of tourists have gone for the day, the Louvre takes on a fairy tale setting for the romantic art lover. Open Wednesdays and Fridays until 9:45 pm, you and your sweetheart can enjoy a romantic night at the museum and stroll through the illuminated court yard.  An evening at the Louvre is a scene right out of a romance movie.

Louvre at night

6: Stroll Along the Banks of the River Seine
A romantic trip to Paris would not be complete without a stroll along the banks of the River Seine. This magical place is where Parisians and visitors of all ages have been coming for centuries to take in the beauty that is Paris.  On the weekends, you will find many locals with a couple bottles of wine, some cheese and French bread enjoying a romantic picnic and meeting up with friends and loved ones.


5: Enjoy a Picnic in the Park – Jardin du Luxembourg (Arr. 6)
Paris is home to some of the world’s most romantic parks and an afternoon picnic is quintessential Parisian romance at its finest. The Jardin du Luxembourg, one of Paris’ most beautiful parks, is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic picnic.  Upon entering the gardens, a fragrant aroma from the flowery blossoms welcomes you and the beauty of the park unfolds as you stroll past statutes, fountains and lush lawns on the way towards the Luxembourg Palace. If you’re looking for romance, you will find it here.


4: Take an Evening Tour of Paris in a vintage 2CV
Nothing is more romantic than Paris illuminated at night. A unique and romantic way to capture the spirit of Paris is with a glass of Champagne, your sweetheart by your side and a private night tour in a vintage car.

2CV Tour

3: Cruise the River Seine (tours located at Arr. 4 and Arr. 7)
No trip to Paris is complete without a boat ride on the Seine. Tour operators offer day, evening and dinner cruises.  The most romantic time to cruise is at sunset when you can take in the beauty of Paris, as day is slowing coming to an end and the night is beginning to come to life.  This is simply a breath taking way to see the “City of Lights”.


2: Lock Your Love at Pont du Nouf (Arr. 4)
Lovers of all ages have been immortalizing their love for each other by “locking” their love on the railings of the “Lock Bridge” and tossing the keys into the river below. The original location of the “Lock Bridge” has been relocated to Pont du Nouf (a bridge that spans Ile de la Cite) due to the damage caused by the weight of thousands of locks over the years.  The new location is actually located on a concrete overlook leading down to the banks of the River Seine to prevent the possible collapsing of the bridge.

DSC_0528 (2)

1: Take in the beauty of the Eiffel Tower (Arr. 7)
For most people, when you hear the words, “romantic Paris” their thoughts immediately picture the Eiffel Tower. Whether you want to pack a picnic and enjoy the views from the Parc du Champ de Mars, take a ride to the top and enjoy the beauty of Paris surrounding you, or enjoy a romantic dinner atop of the Eiffel Tower, this monument oozes with romance. Day or night, the Eiffel Tower will have you falling in love over and over again.

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Romance and love can be found everywhere in Paris and our list could go on and on.  Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite romantic place in Paris is.

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